Pallet transport of Ghisoni Transport & Logistic is the result of the experience of our team and the observance of severe and functioning operational standards, with the usage of europallet as unit of measurement.

Palletise goods is rapidly collected according to the requirements and times of the costumer, and is provided with a tracking system that identifies and locates it during all the itinerary.

Pallet’s transport, available all over the country, has different prices according to delivery time and pallet’s features.

Pallet’s transport according to specific and custom-made requirements of the customer, to guarantee an high-performance and competitive delivery.

Ghisoni transport and logistic is part of the PALL-EX network: by means of night’s hubs strategically placed on the Italian and European territory and the hub&spoke’s  distribution method, goods are processed and sorted for the delivery to the costumer, by limiting transfers and ensuring safety during the handling of goods.

Daily from Cremona’s area, we link more than 150 distributional points in Italy and the principal sorting hubs in Europe to guarantee the highest safety and rapidity, ensuring the delivery in 24 hours.

By way of PALL-EX network, Ghisoni transport and logistic guarantees safe and reliable pallet’s transport across the principle trade European routes and Pan-european route is currently in expansion phase.

With the network, Ghisoni transport & logistic constantly and actively works to the development of new palletise national links, following the radial patterns all over the Europe, with the ambition to link every local partner in a single pan-european solution. In this way, it has grown and has created an international network of partner with the aim to extend and take the same organization in the rest of Europe.

The nations currently served with constant links of pallet’s transport from Cremona are:

  • Italy
  • Spain, Portugal
  • France, England, Ireland
  • Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria
  • Slovenia, Albania, Armenia, Macedonia
  • Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco
  • Cyprus, Malta
  • Sweden, Norway, Finland
  • Denmark
  • Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia
  • Kazakhstan, Georgia
  • Czechoslovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary
  • Greece, Montenegro