The versatile and complete storage solution.

Ghisoni Group has a large area with a covered main warehouse for goods storage protected by the best alarm systems and European policies.

Spaces are tailored to ensure the highest quality, competitiveness and reliability in inbound and outbound warehouse management processes.

In the logistics hubs Ghisoni Group provides fully equipped warehouses for goods storage and warehousing services for third parties for both long and short periods, with continuous monitoring by qualified personnel that guarantees a safe storage of goods.

The warehouses of Cremona and Piacenza are an effective transit point: in Lombardy and in the heart of Northern Italy are located a short distance from major centers such as Milan, Brescia and Parma.

Thanks to the customs certification AEO Full and Approved Place at the headquarters of Cremona you can take advantage of the services of Customs Warehouse.

The headquarters of Ghisoni Group in Piacenza is located near the Piacenza Sud motorway exit and has 1000 square meters of storage space and is the ideal area for both short and long-term storage of goods and as a transit point.

Ghisoni Group dedicates its storage service to industries and small and medium-sized enterprises that need additional storage space to face with greater flexibility and savings the global competition of the markets remaining free to deal with their core business.

By choosing the cross docking system, all incoming goods are checked, relabelled, possibly merged with other products and prepared for transport. The goods reach the recipient without having to go back to the company, eliminating unnecessary and expensive steps and ensuring the safety of the goods. 

In addition to the services of storage and conventional storage in the activities of Ghisoni Group also include packaging and picking, or the picking of finished or semi-finished products in stock) in the type and quantities provided by the picking list. The picking happens second precise criteria of spin of the supplyes like the FIFO or the LIFO.

Ghisoni 3PL offers integrated logistics services for Italian and foreign companies. Learn more about Ghisoni 3pl

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