The solution for full and versatile warehouse.
Ghisoni Transport & Logistic disposes of a large area with principal covered warehouse to store goods, protected by the best alert systems and European policies.

Spaces are custom-made to guarantee the best quality, competitiveness and reliability in the management processes of bound and outbound warehouse.

The main warehouse reveals itself efficiently as transit point: in Lombardy and into the heart of North Italy, is located nearly the major cities like Milan, Brescia and Piacenza.

The logistic centre of Ghisoni t&l provides completely equipped warehouses for storage services and third party warehouse, for long and short terms, with non-stop monitoring  from trained staff that guarantee a security storage.

The main storage of Ghisoni t&l is in Cremona, in a strategic point with the principle highways, both toward North Italy and even beyond the border. At the request of the customer, we can also rent further areas.

Ghisoni t&l commits his service of storage to the small and medium sized business that require further areas of storage to deal with more flexibility and economy the trade’s global competition and be free to handle their core business.

Choosing the cross docking system, all incoming goods is verified, relabelled, eventually merged with other products and prepared for transport. Goods reached the addressee before returned to the company, eliminating unnecessary and expensive passages and ensuring the safety of goods.

In addition to the storage service, Ghisoni t&l offers packaging and picking services, the operation of collection of final or semi-processed product in typology and quantity planned by the picking list.