Who we are

The company was founded in Cremona in 1934 from Luigi Ghisoni, in the most difficult period of our country, when the fascination and foresight of many resourceful people established the foundation for the economic development of the next years.

Mr Luigi Ghisoni started to transport goods in the area of Cremona as a courier.

In 1945 he starts to cover the first route Cremona-Piacenza with a small Dodge truck bought from the Americans leaving our country at the end of the war.

In 1951, in addition to third party road transports, He overcame the provincial boundary and started to cover the route Cremona – Mantova – Brescia.

In 1959 He moved the company’s headquarters in Via dei Platani in Cremona.

In 1960, Luigi Ghisoni turned the company from “courier and haulage” into “goods haulage for third party, courier and freight forwarder”.

In 1957 He founded a new company’s branch in Piazza Barozzieri 13a, in Piacenza.

In 1963 the future of the company starts to takes the first steps: Fausto Ghisoni, Luigi’s son.

In 1965 Piacenza’s branch is rent out and the same year other two new branches are funded in Brescia and Verona.

At this point Fausto takes the lead of the family business creating the individual company “Ghisoni Fausto”. He closed the branches in Piacenza, Brescia, Verona and Mantova, centralizing the activities in Cremona and becoming a lasting reality of the area, increasing the utility yard and offering transport services over all the Italian territory.

In the mid ‘70s the company invests in the international transport purchasing articulated lorries for the transport of goods along all routes of the North European trades.

In 1992 with the entrance in the company of the son Cristiano Ghisoni, the business go through an additional transformation becoming  “Ghisoni Fausto Road Transport” and investing in stock facilities and information equipment to adapt to the increasingly  costumer requirements.

In 2010 the tradition renews with the handover of Fausto, that he will support  as employee his son Cristiano. He transforms the company funding the brand Ghisoni Tranport and Logistic, with the aim of provide more development possibilities and he extends the range offered to the costumers through the implementation of the new express pallet service towards the principal European and Italian directions, starting a true revolution from the information to the communicative point of view.

In 2012 the company has grown including a program of corporate welfare, a constant planning of business training and costumer care projects addressed to the costumers.

In 2015 Cristiano Ghisoni founded Ghisoni Integrated Logistics, an highly innovative business branch for the European view, that deals with 3pl: third party integrated logistics, for Italian companies and also for the internationals.

In 2017 the company started to organize the first routes to Nord Africa areas including routes towards Tunisia and Morocco.

In 2021 Ghisoni Transport with the mission to be a complete partner able to accommodate all transport, storage, customs, import and export needs is transformed into Ghisoni Group of which Ghisoni Transport is part, Ghisoni 3pl and Transport Chain Srl.

In 2023, Ghisoni Group opened its new and second headquarters in Piacenza, near the Piacenza Sud motorway exit, and it has 1000 square meters of storage space and is the ideal area for both short and long-term storage of goods and as a transit point.

The AEO Full qualification certifies the company for both the CUSTOM and SECURITY aspects and has been achieved following a long period of training and verification by the customs authorities with regard to compliance by the company with the obligations relating to the accounting area, security rules, compliance with customs requirements, financial solvency. 

Funded over an experience of more than half century of achievements, today we represents a strong and modern company that offers reliable and advanced services in the field of transport and goods logistic. The generational continuity and the curiosity that always lead to aim for the future, represent an union able to guarantee competence for our costumers making us the reference point of the area and not only that, but also for full wagon load transports, pallet transports and groupage, and warehouse services.